Saturday, April 28, 2012

Samsung Organizes Anti-Apple Mobs in front of Apple Stores

Samsung has just recently surpasses Nokia, ending its 14 years reign as the leader in the phone market, but that doesn't seem to change the way it has decided to fight its now "most-loved/hated" rival: Apple.

As if mocking with the people waiting in line to buy Apple products, and -more recently- comparing them to sheep in preparation to the upcoming Galaxy S3 annoucement  next May 3rd; Samsung has now take it to the next level, by organizing anti-apple mobs in front of Apple Stores.

Personally, I think this is becoming too much (and I'm the kind of person that really loves a "ad media smackdown" among competitors: like the BMW vs Audi battles). The issue here is that Samsung is not really focusing on Apple... but on its customers. And, having a mob clamoring "Wake up" implying that every Apple customers is "asleep" and not knowing what they're doing... might be a little over the top.

Particularly when lots of those customers have taken the time to consider the alternatives and won't like themselves to be labelled as Apple fanatics or as "blind" as Samsung claims them to be.

In the end, it might just serve to make them remember, next time they're considering their new smartphone... that they might be better served with any brand but Samsung itself!

In any case, if the point is to make fun of Apple "fanatics"... I don't think having a mob of similarly "fanatic" Samsung visionaries shouting will be the proper way to do it.

No matter if you side with Apple/Samsung on this, how do you feel about this latest stunt? Is this really a good way for Samsung to make their point? Or are they really going to far?

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