Sunday, May 27, 2012

How does an Accelerometer Work?

We've reached a time and age where people look at their smartphones, and don't even consider the amazing piece of technology they're holding. Not very long ago, things like a integrated camera, bluetooth, WiFi - not even to mention GPS - were things would be proudly displayed alongside each device specs (for those that had it). But now... it's the sort of thing we assume "it's there" and don't even care to check it.

But modern smartphones have lots more under their hoods, and things most people won't notice, like the tiny accelerometers that allow your device to measure the tiniest movement and its orientation, represent truly amazing feats of engineering.

The following video shows us how an accelerometer work, and I think you'll be amazed by just how anyone was able to turn such a complex system into something at a microscopic scale... and be able to sell it for just a few cents!

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