Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to set Home and Work Location in Google Maps

If hardly a day goes by without you using Google Maps to plan a route, you might want to know that you can now set your home and work locations in Google Maps.

To do so, you need only to access your "My Places" section in Google Maps while logged in; and you'll find two new icons (home and work) allowing you to set their location. Once you do so, you'll see it on the maps with their own special icons.

Why should you do it?

Once these locations are defined, getting directions to/from home/work become a lot easier, as you can simply write "home" or "work" in the origin or destination fields. Beats having to type your full address, or inputting an approximate location just to so you can get on with it.

Lots of user have found their own workarounds to try and have such a feature available (like creating a home and work entry in their contacts list), but at least now you have an "official" way to do it.

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