Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chrome 19 gets Remote Tab Access

It was something some users could already enjoy in the development beta versions of Chrome, but at last is about to reach every Chrome user thanks to version 19 becoming ready for everyone. If you ever wished to be able to open that exact same internet page you were reading at home, now that you're using your laptop, you'll know precisely what I mean. With Chrome 19 you can access any other open tab you have on any other of your Chrome browsers.

Sure, you'll need to be signed-in into Chrome, which also makes sure a lot other stuff stays in sync (like plugins, bookmarks, etc.) but it sure will make it easier to manage your tabs across devices.

You might feel this isn't quite a real-time sync feature, but if you think about it for a second: do you really think it would be wise to have the pages you're browsing in your home computer popping open in your Android Chrome browser?

I think it's better to be able to access it, but only if and when we decide to do it... and that's precisely what this remote tab access feature allows.

You can get Chrome 19 right now (most likely your Chrome has already auto-updated), but the tab sync feature will be rolled out gradually over the coming weeks. So, don't despair in case you don't see it yet.

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