Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Augmented Reality GPS Navigation with HUD from Pioneer

If you're annoyed by not having a fancy Head Up Display in your car, that can help you navigate around your routes without having to take your eyes off the road, you might want to see what Pioneer is readying for launch with its new Cyber Navi augmented reality GPS navigation systems.

According to Pioneer, these will be the very first augmented reality navigation units with HUDs arriving to market next July.

Besides the camera that will allow you to have an augmented reality overlay on the navigation screen (over the real scenery in front of the vehicle), the Cyber Navi highlight is its translucid HUD screen that is installed in the driver's sun visor, and that can project high-resolution (720x260 pixels) images - and high brightness as well, using lasers to create its color images.

This system can display a virtual "route line" overlaid the real world, right in front of your eyes, as well as several other navigation info and map modes.

The only issue is that you'll have to part with about $4000 to get one of these Cyber Navi units, which might cause you to rethink if having that factory installed HUD option when you bought you car wasn't a good deal after all...

Anyway, I'm certain this type of technology will eventually make its way to most cars... some day.

[via engadget]

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