Monday, May 14, 2012

Pocket Sized Fuel Cell Charger

No matter what smartphone you have, from the cheapest models to the latest and greatest high-end devices... there's one thing that unites them all - and I'm not talking about rings in a Tolkien story ;) - ... battery life. That's right, no matter how powerful smartphones are these days, they can hardly go a couple of days without requiring a charge; and they can even end up not making through a single day, if you happen to use them intensively!

So... how can we expect to be able to use our mobile devices in a truly mobile way, far from the nearest power outlet?

The answer may be arriving sooner than we'd expect, if we're to believe this Lilliputian Systems fuel cell pocket charger. It promises to completely charge your smartphone a dozen times before it runs out of fuel, which means you'll get a couple of weeks - or more - of stress free time away from any traditional power source.

Unlike some previous fuel cell solutions, which ended up having no real advantage over an external LiIon battery pack with similar volume, this one seem to really deliver what we'd expect.

Guess it won't be long before people will be requesting to "fill up" their mobile devices... :)

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