Monday, May 21, 2012

Slef-Destructing SSD

I can proudly say I still remember to patiently wait for each new weekly episode of the "latest" Mission Impossible TV series. A series where each episode would surely begin with a "should you choose to accept it" mission statement that ended up with a self-destruction sequence releasing a puff of smoke.

While in the real world most people will be worried about *not* losing their data (by the way, when was the last time you made you backups?), some areas might have information sensitive enough to warrant a self destruction system to prevent that data from falling into the wrong hands.

For them Runcore now offers s self-destructing SSD.

There are two protection methods: the first one simply erases all the data, but allows you to reuse the drive normally after reformatting; the second one... not so much. If you press the red button, the SSD applies an over voltage to the flash memory chips, physically destroying them and rendering the drive useless.

... Not the kind of drive to have if you have curious friends: "... so, what does this red button really does?... clic..." :)

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