Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to get to the Top of App Store

For developers, the first step into making their App a success is making it to the top of App Store top 25 charts. This way, their Apps will be immediately visible to millions of users, which will be tempted to give it a try (or buy it), without having to explicitly search for it.

So... how can you make it into those desirable 25 top spots?

Distimo reveals the download volume meeded to get there, referring to the USA App Store market - each country will have its own volume, but the USA can serve as a reference (and if you want your App to be successful, you'll likely be interested in making it to the top USA charts as well).

For your App to show up in the global top charts, you'll need it to be downloaded 38 thousand times; and it shows just how competitive the game category is, hovering high above all others, with 25k downloads.

On the other end of the spectrum, a weather App can make it into the top with just 300 dowloads; which might serve as a suitable entryway to make your App highly visible.

Curiously, a Photo app needs just 3.1k downloads to make it to the top... if you asked me, I would think that number would be way higher.

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