Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Gtar - A Digital Electric Guitar Anyone Can Play

Admit it, who hasn't thought of picking up an electric guitar and start playing out their favorite tunes? From high-powered rock to soothing ballads and lullabies, the guitar is still one of the most "wished for" musical instruments one would like to image to be able to play. Unfortunately, for most people, that couldn't be further from the truth, as any immediate contact with a guitar will make any audience cringe and run away as fast as they possibly can (ok, maybe trying to play the violin can beat that... ).

But, thanks to the Gtar things are about to change - and indeed they will, as they've already surpassed the minimum required amount on Kickstarter!

With this Gtar, anyone 'll be able to play your favorites tunes, thanks to the brain of the entire system, your trusted iPhone 4/4S (they plan on making it compatible with other devices in the future.) You see... the Gtar isn't a regular electric guitar - in fact, it doesn't even have pickups - meaning you don't even have to tune it. It serves just as a lifelike guitar that sends your playing gestures to the electronic brain, which then handles all the "musical" aspects. So, you can think of it as a much improved and lifelike version of guitar hero. :)

Sure, its $350 aren't exactly "cheap"... but if you're really into music and want to learn how to play guitar in a more modern "iphone-assisted" way... (or simply want to take your guitar hero lessons to the next level)... then it might be worth every penny.

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