Saturday, May 12, 2012

SoundWave - Doppler Based Gesture Recognition

Microsoft has already brought us one of the most advanced (and popular) 3D recognition system available today: the Kinect. But that doesn't mean that its research time has stopped exploring new ways to recognize hand gestures made in space... and without even using cameras.

In this SoundWave, a Microsoft Research team decided to use nothing but the devices already available in most computers and laptop: speakers and microphone.

Using sound waves and thanks to the Doppler effect, they're able to detect gestures and movements made in the air - and I envision that with systems using multiple microphones (as it's becoming increasingly popular for noise reduction and multiple user interaction), such a system could have much greater accuracy in the future.

You don't even have to worry about noise, because they're using inaudible frequencies - although that would have to be tested with your pet around to really make sure it wouldn't annoy them! :)

Will it be possible to someday recreate a Kinect like device using nothing but soundwaves? My guess is that you shouldn't bet against it for now...

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