Friday, June 29, 2012

Eulerian Video Magnification Reveals Unseen World

Sure, we all know just how amazing high-speed camera footage looks like, allowing us to make time slow down to a crawl and watch every tiny detail of thing happening in a fraction of a second.

But... what if there were a lot more going on, invisible to our naked eyes, but that could be brought to light using some clever techniques? That's precisely what happens with this Eulerian Video Magnification process.

It's an algorithm that can amplify not only spatial movement, but also things on the color and frequency domains.

Meaning, using this method, one can actually see the effect of the flow of blood in a human body.

As well as showing us our veins contracting and expanding as blood is pumped from the heart.

An amazing process, that makes us wonder just how much is out there, that is kept invisible... right in front of our eyes.

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