Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Planned Flaws of Google's Nexus 7

Google has unveiled its Nexus 7 and proved it was possible to bring to market a high quality tablet, with the latest quad-core CPU and  Android 4.1 at an unbeatable price of just $199. And right now, millions of people around the world are certainly pre-ordering it, or anxiously waiting for it to be available in their countries.

But, as the initial euphoria settles down, people start noticing that not everything is perfect with this Nexus 7. The 8GB model has only 5GB free space that will certainly be "tight" for most users (some games now use over 1GB of space!), and it lacks a microSD slot. Some hoped they could use its USB on-the-go port to expand its storage capacity but we recently found out that Nexus 7 doesn't support USB storage (at least for now), nor it has a MHL video out port to allow it to be connected to a TV (not to mention the lack of a "main camera" on its back.

Flaws that might make some customers pass it by, or not bother others at all. But while some might think that these options are explained by the need to keep costs down and under $199, I think these flaws were carefully planed by Google.

The thing is, there are a lot of other manufacturers building Android Tablets, and they all start with a major handicap in regard to any Google product: they're not Google!

If Google's tablet "had it all" (storage, camera, video out, etc) who would even consider buying anything else? The fact that is has the latest updates directly from Google alone is enough for most users to put it up on their priority list, let alone having any and everything you could wish/ask for.

So... this way, the market is open for other tablets, slightly more expensive, from all the major Android partners, offering what the Nexus 7 is lacking: a micro SD slot, a back-facing camera, HDMI out, etc.

Don't get me wrong, the Nexus 7 *is* an amazing piece of equipment, and I'll be waiting for the first chance to get my own. But... don't be surprised when other tablets start popping up, being even more amazing. :)

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