Monday, July 2, 2012

Sony XQD Memory Card offers 168MB/s Transfers

If you were getting used to your SDHC memory cards, get ready to start considering yet another new format that promises to be better: the XQD. Well, more precisely, this XQD hope it will eventually phase out the aging Compact Flash that is still used in many devices. To that effect the new Sony S Series XQD cards might help you want it succeed as quickly as possible, because it pushes the data transfer speeds from the previous 125MB/s to 168MB/s - and we're talking sustained read and wrote speeds - which are faster that the maximum speed of CF cards.

Before you start thinking this is "yet another proprietary sony format", rest assured it isn't the case: although Sony currently is the only manufacturer pushing out these cards, the XQD format was developed by SanDisk, Sony and Nikon, and has the backing of the CompactFlash Association.

So far, the only camera with an QXD slot is the Nikon D4, which thanks to these new cards, can capture a non-stop burst of 108 RAW frames.

The Sony 64GB XQD S Series card will be available this month (in Japan it costs around $754 - and it will be followed by a 32GB model in the coming months, for $503).

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