Friday, June 22, 2012

Portuguese Airports App for iPhone

If you're thinking of flying to Portugal, I have very good news for you: the official Portuguese Airports App for iPhone has just been launched, and is probably the best I've seen of the kind!

Update: it's also available for Android.

Giving you access to information regarding the Lisbon, Oporto, Faro, Beja and Azores airports, this App not only presents valuable information - but does so with a beautiful (and easy to use) design.

This ANA Portuguese Airports is definitely worth a spot on any traveler's iPhone. :)

ANA puts the airport in your hand so that you may travel with greater enjoyment and less stress. Now you will be able to check your flight status and view information about your destination or transport options to and from the airport. Plan your journey, gain time with online services, and enjoy the solutions that we have created for you.

Check arrivals and departures, and receive flight notifications. Locate your check-in counter, departure gate or where to collect your luggage. You can also check the weather at your destination or contact your airline.

Find out about transport or parking options and other airport services and facilities. Keep up to date with news. You will also find useful contacts for everything you need.

Discover the shopping, eating and leisure options available at your airport.

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