Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gmail gets Custom Background Images

Tired of looking at the standard Gmail web interface? Perused all the available themes but found nothing that really caught your eye? Well... things are about to change, as Gmail is getting custom themes. Yes, at last.

But before you start imaging just how good your dream Gmail page would look if you could change it all, you better be warned that this is kind of a "mini-custom" job rather than a full makeover. In fact, you get only to pick a generic light/dark custom theme... to which you can then add the background image of your choosing. Yes, that's how far your customization options go...

But, even with so little, this is more than enough to finally break free of the preset Gmail themes and add your own touch to your Gmail account. For those that, like me, spend a lot of their time in their web gmail interface... this can be quite handy. (And let's face it... eventually, Google might start adding up extra customization options for the rest of it... :)

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