Monday, June 25, 2012

The Wrong Navigation Icon in iOS6

We usually associate Apple with an almost obsessive attention to detail, and where each tiny aspect of all their products usually has a lot of thought, from a number of people, put into it.

That's why it's particularly strange to find quite a strange mishap in the icon of the new map/navigation App on iOS6 - which finally will bring us turn-by-turn navigation.

The issue is that the route shown on the App icon shows... an impossible route, that would force someone to turn left while driving through an overpass over an highway.

Maybe this icon designer is a big fan of the Terminator 2 movie, and wanted to remind us of the famous scene where a truck indeed performs a similar manouver - or -  ... maybe it's a sign that Apple is working on another secret project in their top secret labs... something like... a flying car, maybe? :)

Or yet another hypothesis... maybe Apple does indeed plan to pressure the transit authorities into changing the road, so that it matches what they have done in their icon. ;P

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