Friday, July 20, 2012

Automatic Car Copilot Avoids Collisions

Researchers at the MIT are creating a co-pilot driver system that can avoid collisions. A system that works in the reverse way of airplane autopilots. Instead of being responsible for driving the car under normal situations and relinquishing control to the pilot when any emergencey occurs; this system lets the driver be responsible for driving most of the time, and taking action only when a collision or other detected danger is  imminent.

Seem likes a nice "first step" in the way to fully autonomous vehicles - in the sense that is surely bound to be easier to "sell this concept" to drivers and transit autorities, keeping the driver responsible for what he's doing - as long as he's doing it right - with the system taking over only in emergencies, just like the now common electronic stabilization programs, but in a more advanced way.

... Let's just hope that with so much electronics, and being able to control our cars, these systems are not prone to software bugs or virus that might make it go haywire on the road.

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