Thursday, July 19, 2012

Windows 8 Arrives on October 26th

It«s official. You no longer have to guess when the new Windows will arrive. Microsoft has revealed that Windows 8 will arrive on October 26th, making the last couple of months of 2012 a critical year end that will either foretell a new big success for Microsoft... or a turning point for the worse.

The key point is that, with the new Windows 8 pushing users to the new Metro interface side of the operating system, lots of people might end up thinking "If I'm expected to change the way I work and the things I knew about windows, why not embrace an entirely different OS like iOS or Android?"

To that point, a lot will be riding on the new hardware as well: Microsoft promised to have "competitive priced tablets" for Windows 8... but I find that hard to believe, considering just how hard it has been for Android to fight the iPad - which at sub-$500 prices, and offering a retina display unmatched by any other, is still the "king of the hill".

Maybe MS will push its prices down, and ensure that the first wave of Windows 8 tablets will be available at great prices that will attract lots of customers, providing a valuable "critical mass" that will make it a success. Not to mention that MS is in a great position to be the first company to really be present "in force" in all segments: traditional computers, tablets, smartphones, and also on the living room, with a game console/media player (the Xbox). So... if I had to guess, I'd say they'll probably pull this off and turn Windows 8 into a great first step to make this "globalization" possible.

But, don't underestimate the stubbornness of people willing to fight drastic changes... and the transition from Windows 7 to Windows 8 will not be easy.

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