Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Indoor Navigation via Earth's Magnetic Fields

Outdoor navigation has now become something so common that is no longer admired in awe by those that remember the times when having a (costly) GPS receiver was something only within reach for those with a fat wallet - and I'm talking those receivers that simply gave you a set of coordinates and nothing else.

Today, even the most lowly smartphone can provide you with accurate GPS information, that can guide you all the way across the world, with high resolution satellite imagery and maps. But all that doesn't serve you much once you enter a building and the faint GPS signals become useless for accurate positioning.

But, some companies are using a different approach. An approach that has been tried and tested for millions of years by nature itself, guiding birds across thousands of miles in their migratory routes: magnetic fields.
Using Earth's magnetic fields and the interference caused by man-made buildings and structures, Indoor Atlas has come up with a system that can guide you indoors.

And as you can see in the following video, it seems to work rather well.

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