Friday, July 27, 2012

Google offers 1Gbit Internet (and Free 5Mbps)

Google is finally on its way to reach its users and customers and cutting lose those pesky ISP in between. And it's doing it in a way that few ISPs can compete, offering a lightning fast 1 Gigabit connection that promises to push all online service into the next level. Can you imagine what it would be to be connected to the world at the same speed (or even faster) of your home network?

A gigabit+TV subscription costs you $120/month, dropping to $70/month for Gigabit internet only, and... last but not least, a free internet option albeit at a reduced, but still more than acceptable 5Mbps/1Mbps speeds. (Though you'll have to pay a $300 one time only payment - or $25 during 12 months.)

With a 1Gbit upload connection... can you imagine how fast uploading high-def video to YouTube would be? Can't wait for this to become the norm! :)

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