Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wolfram Alpha

I don't know exactly when Wolfram Alpha redesigned its homepage - but what matters the most is that its know a lot easier for newcomers to find out a lot more about this "computational knowledge engine".

Most people won't easily grasp what Wolfram Alpha is... and it isn't easy remembering examples to showcase its potential. But know, you can do it with just a few simple clicks. The Wolfram Alpha main page is now full of small icons - icons that you could be fooled into thinking were just part of the background wallpaper, but that spring to life when you move your mouse over them. In there you'll find examples in countless areas: arts, space, biology, architecture, physics, geography, mathematics, music, time, money, etc.

So... just start clicking away, and see the kind of stuff Wolfram Alpha can help you with.
(And by the way, until the end of August, the Pro subscription doubles your monthly credits for life.)

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