Sunday, July 15, 2012

Spy Hawk - Your Personal Spy Plane

If you're a fan of the cold war era - not because of the "war" part, but because of the fantastic syp planes we had back then: planes like the U2 or the speedy Blackbird SR-71 - and you still wish you had the chance to fly up in the air and see the world from above... now you can, thanks to your own model spy plane: the Spy Hawk da RED5.

Sure, you won't be able to actually "be" in the plane, but you'll have the next best thing. The Spy Hawk has a 5MP video camera on board, and streams the video in real time to the 3.5" LCD screen on the remote control. And just like a real airplane, you even get an auto-pilot button, that keeps the plane stable thanks to a on-board giroscope.

You can fly it up to 30 minutes, and have a control range of 600m. Now, all that's standing between you and your next new toy is convincing yourself that it's worth spending 316€ to see the world from above in real time.

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