Monday, July 16, 2012

Twist - Let Your Friends Know When You'll Arrive

If you spend your time texting your friends to let them know where you are or when you'll be arriving, and you're tired of doing it, you'll certainly know that there are a lot of "high-tech" alternatives if you have an iPhone. You could use Google's Latitude and share your location with your friends - but you might now want to let your friends know where you are all the time; or Apple's own Find my Friends App... which allow you to set "expiration dates" on your sharing - but that requires your friends to have iPhones as well.

Well... maybe what you reall need is this Twist app. Twist is a free app that allows you to easily share your location and send text messages to any cell phone, letting your friends know when you'll arrive. You can set how many texts you're friends will be sent (you don't want to "spam" them, right?), and your privacy is still safe, as they'll receive a generic "departure message" and not know exactly where you're leaving from. So, you're still safe when sharing your "twists" with any stalkers you might have (not that you'd do that anyway. :)

Twist is free and available in the App Store (unfortunately, for now it seems to be available only in the US app store - but let's hope they change that soon, and allow people all over the world to start "twisting" away.)

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