Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Twitter Launches new App for iOS and Android

Besides the new iPad Google+ App, today we're also getting the new Twitter Apps for iOS and Android. Apps that we we're already expecting for the past couple of days due to leaked information, but that now are up for grabs by everyone.

What's new?

Expand Tweets
Tweets with links to supported/recognized content will now be show directly in yout timeline. This includes photos from various online services, as well as videos from vimeo, and even Kickstarter projects. This new experience will roll out gradually to web, iPhone and Android users.

Experience events
Now you can discover the best Tweets and photos for events experiences like twitter.com/#NASCAR on your iPhone. Now, Twitter for iPhone complements any live event, whether you’re watching from home or from the stands.

Search simply
Twitter made some improvements in search autocomplete (major improvements they say) so that you will see more suggestions when you search for people. As before, you can search for real names or @usernames before you complete your query.

Receive notifications
You can now receive push notifications from people you follow whenever they send a new Tweet or Retweet; turn on push notifications for Tweets for any user via the action button on their profile, and edit these notifications in your account settings on your device.

You can get the Twitter Apps here.

(P.S. I still can't get over one tiny little detail that annoys me a lot. The minimum font size of 14pt. Thanks to this limitation, I can see just about 4 tweets per screen on the iPhone - and with "oversized" characters. For reference, using Echofon I can set it to 12pt fonts, and get up to 6 tweets per screen, while still plainly readable - in fact, I wish I could get the font size down to 10pt or maybe even less. Would it be so hard to allow it on Twitter official app?)

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