Monday, August 6, 2012

Curiosity on Mars: First Images

It's official: Curiosity has safely landed on Mars!

The complex landing system worked as planned, which involved a hovering sky crane slowly lowering the biggest rover ever to the ground. And soon after, the first images started to arrive - tiny 64x64 thumbnail images, followed by higher resolution versions. However, we'll still need to wait a few more hours/days unti the main cameras go online - and then we'll be able to see the first panoramic and 3D images.

One big step for Nasa, one giant leap for the entire Humanity.

... Next step: the first Man on Mars. And just like today, we'll be here to cover it "live". (Thanks to all those that got up at 6AM - our local time - to attend our hangout and share this historic moment. :)

[first images taken by Curiosity on Mars]

[First Images - RAW images]

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