Thursday, August 9, 2012

Google Adds Voice Response to iOS App

Android users can already see it in action, but it will soon arrive to Google's Search App on the iOS as well: the spoken search results... Siri style.

Sure, iPhone users have had Siri for quite a while now, but this Google Search App will surely show them that there are things it can do better than Siri itself. For starters, it will be available in iPhones without Siri. Second, it will support more languages (at least in the Android version, it does... and I don't see why it won't do the same on the iOS). And last but not least... its voice recognition technology will certainly be appreciated by all. No disrespect to Nuance's amazing voice tech, but... seeing the voice being transcribed in real-time, and not just "after you've finished speaking", it's really great - particularly when you see it in action, correcting already recognized words due to the context of later words.

In a time where Apple is cutting all ties to Google... it's "interesting" to see Google offering more and better Apps to the iOS... including this one that goes head to head with Siri search results... and - dare I say so - beating it to the punch. Apple better have some very nice tricks up Siri's sleeves for the iOS6/iPhone 5 presentation... :)

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