Saturday, August 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Battery to be (Slightly) Larger

If the new iPhone will be taller as is expected we'll be able to get - not only a slightly larger screen - but also more room for a larger battery (most of the iPhone inside space is reserved for the always critical battery - that is never "as long lasting" as users would like).

But, it seems that the extra space is not enough to provide a battery upgrade as big as one would expect. In fact, it's about the same upgrade we've had before when going from the iPhone 4 to the 4S. In those models the battery went from 1420mAh to 1430mAh... and the battery for the iPhone "5" seems to be stuck with a similar increase rate: at 1440mAh. (There's also a slight bump in voltage and "watts hour", but nothing out of the ordinary).

I really expected more out of it, at least 10% more (or 5% at least)... but with such a small battery improvement, and considering the new iPhone is expected to have LTE/4G connectivity... I don't have high hopes for it to improve on the already not-so-great battery life of the iPhone 4S. Once again, thing will rely on the software side, with its smarts being responsible to save as much power as possible.

Maybe it would be nice for manufacturers to start considering that all these powerful devices don't do us much good if you can't even actually use them during a day (at least). For example, I just went for a 2h walk with my iPhone 4S, tracking it with RunKeeper, took a couple of Instagram shots, checked Twitter and email from time to time... and the battery went from full charged to under 50% - in less than 3h!

I have nothing against powerful mobile devices (in fact I love it)... and I know I could moderate my usage to save power (turn off 3G, location services, etc.)... but again... what's the point of having all that if you can't actually use it without fearing not being able to make it through the day?

I won't go as far as saying that battery life should be given under a "worst case scenario" with the device using as much power as it can possible use (100% CPU, 100% GPU, GPS, Camera, etc.) but... maybe that would force manufacturers to get a grip with just how limited their devices are. How would you feel if they were forced to advertise: "The new and Improved Model X-smartphone! Battery life at 100% use: 1h!"

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