Sunday, August 12, 2012

How to Use Multiple Google Accounts at Once

Google may make it easier for anyone to use their account in multiple places and devices - just login to your Chrome Browser anywhere in the world, and you can access the tabs you have open at home. But when it gets to using multiple Google accounts on a single computer, things are quite different. Say you need to constantly go back and forth between your personal Google account and your work Google account. You can't open two tabs side by side, as Google will assume you're already logged on with the active account - though you could use a different browser, or even the incognito mode in Chrome to do it (which is what many users do). Anyway, it's not a very "nice solution". But it seems that Google is finally hearing its users, and begining to make it easier to use multiple Google accounts.

You'll just need to activate Google's Account Chooser and add all your Google accounts, and you'll see a nice account selection section whenever you have to login to Google's services like Gmail. (Though, you already had the multiple sign-in option for many of Google's services that supported it).

From then on, you can simply login to any of those accounts with just a simple mouse click - and you won't even have to enter the password over and over again, providing you keep using those accounts regularly.

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