Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nexus 7 LCD Screen Flawed by Bad Calibration

Google's Nexus 7 tablet has undergone Dr. Raymond Soneira detailed exams at DisplayMate Technologies and... it had everything going for it... but seems to have thrown it all away.

The fact that we're talking about a very affordable sub-$200 7" tablet didn't mean that Google and Asus cheaped out on the LCD screen. In fact, it uses a very high quality IPS panel with more than adequate 1280x800 resolution. And that shows up in the screen tests: good brightness levels (350nits), excelent contrast ratio, and color gamut, although it can't beat the iPad 3's 99%, still reaches a very acceptable 86%. And with all this, we'd be tempted to believe it couldn't be better for such an affordable tablet. But actually... it could.

The major flaw with the screen seems to be the grayscale calibration, that seems to be adjusted for "lower quality" LCD panels, and that causes the screen to lose a lot of detail in the brightest range of the spectrum. A technique that is often used by manufacturers to make their screens look brighter than they actually are... but that wouldn't be needed in the Nexus 7 LCD.

Let's hope this screen calibration adjustment can be fixed via a firmware update in the coming weeks... or else, it would really be a pity to have such a good LCD screen being deliberately kept away from its true potential due to incorrect calibration settings.

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