Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Samsung offers Customized Galaxy S3 to Fan

Although Samsung might have to worry about the 1 billion in damages it has to pay to Apple, it's nice to see that the company hasn't lost focus on some of the "little things" that matter... like offering a free customized Galaxy S3 to a fan.

Back in May, a Samsung fan posted a message on Facebook, asking for a free Galaxy S3, because he was already a great Samsung customer - having a Samsung LCD TV, a Samsung smartphone, and a Samsung notebook.
And to top it off, he even presented a drawing he had made himself, as a gift to Samsung.

Samsung soon replied, explaining they couldn't possibly offer a Galaxy S3 to all those who asked one for free; and also composed the answer with an image of a kangaroo riding a unicycle.

If you think that would be it... you would be right. But, as this episode caused a lot of buzz around the internet, Samsung has indeed answered the original pledge, and offered him the much desired Galaxy S3. And it's not a simple Galaxy S3 either. Samsung offered him a fully customized S3, with the original drawing of the fire breathing dragon, that adorns both the device (front and back - including a custom wallpaper) as well as the box itself.

Really well played Samsung. I just imagine how many more similar requests Samsung will be receiving from now on. :)

P.S. - We'll be covering the Samsung Unpacked event on site in Berlin, as well as IFA in the coming days... stay tuned. :)

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