Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wireless Electricity is Coming in 2013 - Says Intel

We've grown accustomed to having to plug in our smartphones and other mobile devices whenever they require charging... but truth be told - it's a real pain. Particularly when you have to move away from our carefully planned places where we have the appropriate cables and adapters for each and every device we own. And although microUSB has tried to become a charging standard (and succeeded, to certain extent) there are still devices that require adapters or their own proprietary plugs.

Intel now taunts us, saying that - finally - wireless charging will become a reality in 2013. And let's hope that means a wireless charging becoming a real standard, rather than those odd wireless chargers some brands have been offering as "options". (Who can imagine a future where each device will require each own, specific, wireless charger... that would be really insane!)

So... in 2013, we might begin to charge our smartphones simply by placing them next to a laptop, or other wirells charger device, and I hope that also means larger area charging mats that we can place on (or even under) our desks and tables, so everything can be kept charged just by placing the devices there.

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