Friday, August 31, 2012

Smartype Keyboard Adds a Screen to your Typing

The computer keyboard has remained basically unchanged since its beginnings, and can be either one's best friend (if you're the type of person than can type without even glancing at it), or the most horrifying creature (if you're the kind of person that has to hunt and track down each and every key you wish to press, and continuously look back and forth between your screen and the keyboard itself ).

But this Smartype by KeyView offers an interesting twist on that, by placing the screen right next to keys you're pressing. This way, typing can be a lot friendlier to all those that are "afraid" of all those keys and that want to be sure they pressed the right ones (by checking what they just typed on its integrated screen); as well as present useful widets, like the weather, emails, notifications, etc. for all others.

Sounds quite interesting... but I can imagine at least one issue that people might have to take special care about: when you type your passwords, be sure to check they're not showing up on the screen! :)

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