Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Windows 8 to Double Price in 2013?

Looks like the surprisingly affordable $69.99 price for Microsoft's new Windows 8 Pro will be nothing more than a promotional price that will show its true colors next year. Starting on February 2013, Windows 8 Pro will cost $199.99 which is kind of strange - if you ask me.

Sure, there will still be the "plain" Windows 8 for "just" $99.99 (I still can't figure out why MS insists on spreading Windows 8 across several different versions)... but, what sense does it make for someone to buy Windows 8 in January for $69.99, and a few weeks or days later, to be forced to pay over twice as much?

I can only imagine this is an odd technique to force users to jump into the Windows 8 bandwagon as soon as possible and don't delay it too much (or risk paying up more). Sure, it might make MS look good, saying that its Windows 8 sold millions and millions of copies... but it can also backfire, and prompt users to *not* upgrade at all, and stick with their old and trusted Windows 7 which doesn't try to be the best of both worlds (tablets/touch interface and classic desktop) - which some claim to be an absolute disaster.

Have you already tried Windows 8? If so... what are your thoughts, and... do you intend on buying/upgrading your current Windows version to "8"?

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