Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mechanical Typewriter for iPad

If you can't stand the thought of typing on a motionless and cold touchscreen, and still hold fond memories of all the times you had to hammer down on an old mechanical typewriter, I might have just the thing for you: just check this mechanical typewriter keyboard for iPad.

Though it still won't be the same as using an old typewriter (the sound of each key striking the black piece of paper, the "ring" signaling us to move up another line, etc.) it might be just enough to get you into the "mood".
In those day, you really had to press the keys - I wonder just how many of our younger generations would be able to actually type on a mechanical typewriter - not to mention that they would be confused when they spotted a missing "1" key (which would be typed using a lowercase "L""l").

But, maybe some developer will recreate a typewriter simulator soon, now that we're about to get pressures sensitive keyboards. I sure would like to see that.

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