Sunday, September 23, 2012

Find My Friends with Notifications [iOS6]

With the new iOS6, the Find My Friends feature has a nifty new tricks up its sleeve. The sort of things that we had heard about but that only now we can test for real. For all those who never heard of Find My Friends, its a service similar to Google's own Latitude, that tracks your position as well as your friends, and allows you to see where everyone is, in real time - provided they've granted you acess, of course.
(Just keep in mind that unlike Google Latitude, in Find My Friends you'll have to invite back the person who requested your location info in order to see them as well.)

Though Find My Friends alread had the temporary events setting - now you can do a lot more thanks to the new notifications. You can specify you want to be warned when a friend leaves or arrives at a certain place.

Want to know when he/she gets leave work so you can meet up somewhere? No problem, it takes just a couple of taps. Or maybe you want to know when they're about to leave their home and heading your way, so you can get ready. The possibilities are endless!

Also, now you can also mark some of your friends as favorites in Find my Friends, so they show up first on the contact list.

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