Monday, September 24, 2012

How to Download all your Facebook Data

Some love it, others hate it; some can't live with it, others can't live without it; and others still would like to leave it for good, but don't want to lose everything they've already invested in it. Yes, I'm talking about Facebook, and you'll like to know you can actually leave it and take all your data with you (or simply download it anyway just as a "backup" should anything, someday, go horribly wrong.)

The key point is, you can download a copy of your Facebook data.

You need only head to your account settings and click on download a copy of your Facebook data.

Then you just have to choose between the regular data archive or the expanded one, containing even more info. The standard archive contains:

  • Photos or videos you've shared on Facebook
  • Your Wall posts, messages and chat conversations
  • Your friends' names and some of their email addresses

Then you can go on with your daily routines, as it can take a couple of hours for it to get ready. Once it's done you'll be notified via email and you can download your Facebook data.

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