Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Google Street Views Dives Underwater

Maybe it's a coincidence that Apple just abandoned Google Maps and Street View on their new iOS6, and that some of it's router even sugest you swim across water; but the important part is that Google's Street View is getting better and better and after taking us through some amazing natural Parks, it takes us under the ocean surface.

It's impossible to explore these oceanic street view landscapes and not bring back some old and fond memories of Capt. Jacques Costeau documentaries that amazed us when we were younger. The sheer magic of the underwater world - a world that we often forget is far larger than the "above water" surface of our planet - and that remains as misterious as ever.

I wonder how Costeau would feel knowing that this deep blue world is now within reach of the entire world, and that anyone can dive into the great coral reef without even leaving their home...

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