Thursday, September 27, 2012

Next Google Nexus 5 to come from HTC?

The Nexus family of reference Android devices has been something that Google has "spread around" several companies, as a sign of balance and equality among all. So, it would make perfect sense that after the Samsung Nexus, and the Asus Nexus 7, Google would complete the cycle by going back to the company that made the first Android device, and that would certainly appreciate its lending hand: HTC.

Of course, a long time has passed since those first early years, and this new Nexus 5 by HTC is nothing like the first Android device - quite the opposite. The Nexus 5 should bring us an amazing 5" FullHD 1080p display (something we have already reported a while back), as well as a top of the line S4 Pro CPU, 2GB RAM, 12MP camera (2MP front facing), LTE/4G, and 2500mAh battery to keep it all going.

It should also launch with a new and impoved Android version (4.1.2), that promises to that project Butter smoothness to even higher standards - as well as some other teaks, fixes and improvements.

Looks like those standing on the edge of buying/not buying the new iPhone 5, just got pulled from making a judgement call and should wait for a little while longer to see what Google/HTC are planning. The new Nexus should be annouced in the next few weeks, and we'll see just how much of these rumors pan out to be true.

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