Thursday, September 13, 2012

Intel NUC to cost $399

Do you recall the Intel NUC da Intel - Intel's "Next Unit of Computing" that packs a fully working computer into a tiny 4x4" area? After it's unveiling a couple months back, we finally get to know some more details about it, as it has certainly generated a lot of interest in all those looking for a compact computer setup.

The NUC comes with a Core i3 CPU and a 7-series chipset, 1x mini-PCIe slot, mSATA, 2x SO-DIMM, 3x USB, ethernet, and 2x HDMI out. Power can either be provided from an external AC/DC power source, or using a small 2-pin header for an internal power supply (if you're looking for a computer do put in your car, might not get any better than this. :)

Intel says the NUC systems will be available before the end of the year, with prices around $399 - including a small mSATA SSD (but with no operating system).

Although it isn't exactly cheap (you can find compact barebone systems at much affordable prices) I'm sure the NUC will eventually become a popular computer format, that takes us one more step away from the old and bulky computer cases/systems. Large computer cases will mostly be left for power users, wishing to install dozens of hard drives/SSDs, powerful graphic setups (SLI/CrossFire), etc. For most others... a tiny - or even "invisible" - computer, would be greatly appreciated.

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