Friday, September 14, 2012

The New iPhone 5

So, the new iPhone is out, and everything fell in quite nicely with everything that was expected. There were no big surprises, which prompted the usual "is this it?"... but that eventually should begin to mutate into "oh, this isn't so bad"... and from there to the "I really need to get one of those" as soon as people can hold one in their hands and see it working.

In short, here's what you get with the new iPhone 5:
  • Completely new design - lighter (112g) and thinner (7.6mm)
  • 4" 1136x640 Enhanced Screen
  • Global 4G/LTE (which still leaves a lot of countries out)
  • Faster WiFi 2.4Ghz/5Ghz
  • New A6 CPU (twice as fast in both CPU and GPU)
  • Enhenced  8MP Camera
  • Frontal HD 720 Camera (FacetimeHD over celullar)
While in the US the prices are the same, in Europe the prices are... pricier. In France the unlocked iPhone 5 starts at 679€! Ouch!

Apple also updated its new iPod Touch (which gets the new 4" screen, and a CPU bump to the A5, and better camera), as well as the new iPod Nano (which leaves the tiny square format, and grows to a taller, bigger screen model, with a home button and all).

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