Saturday, September 15, 2012

Visolu Similar Image Sorting for iPhone and iPad

Ever scrolled throught hundreds or thousands of photos on your iPhone or iPad, trying to find that particular photo you know you took on a white snowy mountain, or that deep blue sky, or yellow sandy beach? With this Visolu App for iPhone and iPad that's something that becomes a lot easier.

Instead of sorting your photos chronologically, this apps analyzes each and every one of your photos, and sorts them according to their visual similarity. That means that you can quickly zoom in the "redish" spectrum of your photos (maybe sunsets?), or the "greenish" part - probably plants, or whatever you like.

You can even search for images similar to the one you're currently looking at, not to mention that it can also show you where the photos were taken (on a map) if you had the GPS option enabled.

The best part is: this App is free for a limited time - so... hurry up and get it while you can.

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