Monday, September 17, 2012

iCloud gets iOS Style Notifications

Apple's iCloud web site can now show us iOS style notifications, serving as yet another example of how much mobile interfaces are shaping up traditional desktop apps, operating systems, and even - as in this case - web sites. iCloud serves as the central hub for Apple's devices in this post-iTunes era, allowing multiple devices to be constantly in sync whenever you add or edit a contact, create a document in iWorks - and even access the Find my iPhoone/Mac feature that shows where your devices might be in if you lost them, and also remotely lock them or even wipe them.

Lots of useful stuff indeed... but that still has a lot left to be done as well, starting with the much needed ability to see the photos we have stored in iCloud (hope that with the new shared photostreams that will change). And... as a personal request, I would very much like the chance to remotely manage the Apps on my iPhone, sorting and arranging them, as well as remotely installing and removing them. It sure would beat having to sniff through dozens of folders, trying to figure out where on earth is that dreaded App you want to remove.

(Though, truth be told, you can remove it from the "storage" panel in the settings...)

But, arranging all the apps and folders on the iphone is a pain, that would better be done on iCloud (similarly to how it's done in iTunes).

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