Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LIFX LED Smartlamp Boldly Goes Where Android@Home Didn't

Tired of waiting for the seemingly forgotten  Android@Home smart LED lamps, that Google showed us well over a year ago, but that - up until now - never showed up, and the entire Android@Home project seems to have dropped form the face of the earth??

Well... nothing like *not* having something to make someone stand up and take care of the issue themselves, and now thanks to sites like Kickstarter, this sort of thing is bound to be more frequent than ever. I present you the LIFX smart LED lamp. A highly efficient LED lamp that you can replace any common lamp with and benefit from the instant energy savings, but that goes much further than that.

You see... although it can act just like any other regular lamp (you can switch it on and off on your wall switch), it truly shines when you learn all the other sorts of stuff it can also do. For instance, how about remote controlling it from your smartphone: dimming it at will, or even changing its color?

Or, how about programming it to slowly fade out when you go to sleep, or gradually becoming brighter in the morning to wake you up in a more subtle and natural way? You can even use it to notify you when some emails or messages arrive, flashing a different color; or turn your home into a party central, with the colors changing in sync with the music.

The possibilities are endless, and the only drawback is that these LIFX LED lamps still have a steep price of  $69 each. Not that it isn't worth it - it is - but it's still a bit steep for me (or else, I'd be replacing all my lamps with LIFX lamps!)

Also makes you wonder. If a single individual can come up with these lamps at this price... what the heck are all the big players like GE, OSRAM, Philips, and others doing? If they manufactured millions of these, I0m sure the price could be cut in half, or cost even less!

Let's hope it doesn't take them to long to notice... Because I do want to control each and every light in my home.

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