Thursday, September 20, 2012

iOS6 WiFi Drops Out and Apple Login Shows Up

The new iOS6 may come with hundreds of improvements, but it also comes with a very annoying bug: just after installing the new iOS6, and as I was checking that everything was working as it should, as soon as I made the mistake of checking the new App Store, my iPhone 4S suddenly went into berserk mode, dropping out of my WiFi network, and popping up some sort of Apple web login page (that shows a page not found error).

No matter what I do to try and get it to "stay" on either of my WiFi networks, it jumps out just a couple of seconds after being connected. I was going crazy, rebooting my routers, checking the wifi settings, etc... until a cry for help on twitter quickly revealed a lot of my friends was also having the exact same problem.

Maybe this is just a glitch caused by overloaded servers in Apple's Data centers... but it certainly is annoying as well, and.. as there are dozend and dozens of pending App updates, I'm not afraid some of them have already been done via cellular and not over wifi.

If anyone finds a fix for this issue, please to let me know.

Update: seems like that there's nothing we can do on our side, just got a tweet saying: "Apple’s WISPR captive portal (i.e. coffee shop internet) check page is broken. Not iOS 6 related. Apple needs to fix the page."

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