Friday, September 7, 2012

New W8 Lumias arrive in November

So, we got to know the new Windows Phone 8 Lumia 920 and 820 by Nokia, which even brought some nice additions like the wireless charging (it isn't new, I know, but it's "nice" to have it as standard), but there was one annoying thing missing from the presentation - something most customers are now growing increasingly inpatient with - its price and launch dates. People want to know when they can get their hands on the new devices, and equally as important... how much it will cost them.

Yesterday's Amazon new Kindles presentation got that right, and let's hope this will become the norm rather than the exception for all future presentations for all brands and manufacturers.

But finally, we get to know when these new Lumias will arrive, being scheduled for November.

This means that you'll have to wait about 2 more months to finally get your hands on a Nokia Windows Phone 8. And considering all the existing Windows Phones out there can be considered obsolete (both thanks to its now "old" hardware, as well as not being able to be upgrade to Windows Phone 8) that means the drop in sales that has began with the Windows Phone 8 presentation is sure to last for at least that long.

Sure, MS has a lot of things to make it stand from the crowd, starting with a new universal operating system, that spans from smartphones, to "low-cost" tablets, to high-end tablets, to desktops and laptops, and even your living room thanks to its Xbox. But the key point here is: none of the new Windows 8 devices is available right now!

And although I sincerely think MS is on the right track with Windows 8 and all the devices, all these delays are summing up to be an ever growing obstacle no one can ignore. For instance, after yesterday's new Kindle Fire HD annoucement, offering a 8.9" 1920x1200 screen tablet for just $299... can anyone justify to pay twice as much (or more) for an equivalent device, just because it will run Windows? Some may, but I don't think the majority will... So... it'll be very interesting to see how Microsoft and its partners will price the first wave of Windows 8 devices.

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