Saturday, September 8, 2012

MS Challenges Google with Bing it On

While Google is still the most popular search engine on the internet, it's nice to see that Microsoft doesn't stop to enhance and promote Bing - to the point where you ask yourself how they can do things so blatantly obvious in TV series like Hawai Five-O, that you almost want to tear your eyes out.

Now, they set their sights on Google and challenge it to Bing it On. On this site you'll be asked to enter 5 keywords, and do a blind test, selecting which results you like the most. A test that Microsoft says Bing is winning 2:1...

On my first test, I forced myself into selecting the seemingly best results, even if in some cases the result should actually be a draw. And I was very surprised (shocked even) that... I had chosen Bing for all 5 scenarios.

But, I had used the suggested keywords that pop by on the site. So, I did another two runs, using "my own" keywords, and on both accounts, Google took the lead, even if by a small margin (2 wins, 2 draws, 1 bing).

Although I'll still be using Google for the time being, give it a try and see if it can surprise you as much as it did to me: Bing it On.

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