Sunday, September 9, 2012

Google Results Loses Left Column

We all know that Google is continuously trying out tweaks and changes to the way it shows its results to the users, and most of the times those changes are tried out on a small number of people to see if the feedback is positive or not. Today, I might have been on of those beta testers... or maybe it's a change that is simply being deployed for everyone.

On the first image you can see the usual Google search results, with the usual left column allowing you to select the kind of things you're looking for: images, maps, videos, news, etc.

But on the second image you can see the results I get when I search something, with the left column missing, and the section selection now being presented on an horizontal tab bar, similar to the Google top bar.

How are your Google results being shown? And which way do you think it's best: the column, or the tab bar?

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