Monday, September 10, 2012

Apple iPhone Launch Reveals Stretched iOS Icons

We're on the countdown for Apple's new iPhone presentation - this wednesday, September 12th - but we the decoration of Yerba Buena Center has already revealed a curious clue to what might be coming. The colorful banners might seem like random blotches of colors, but a more careful look revealed that they are in fact stretched iOS icons.

A clue that seems to practically guarantee that the "stretched" iPhone 5 is real - as if all the recent design mockups weren't enough.

We've already had a look at evertything you might expect from the new iPhone, and although nothing revolutionary has popped up so far - which might lead to that "feeling" that it is just more of the same - the real question is if people will be buying it even faster than all the previous models.

The new design, a larger stretched screen, worlwide 4G... all those will be good to have... but it seems to be lacking the "one more thing" that would make people really say "wow!" Will we get a "one more thing" moment next wednesday? I sincerely hope so... though my guess is that even without it, the new iPhone will still be a huge success.

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