Sunday, October 28, 2012

Google Cancels Tomorrow's Android Event

Bad news to all those that were hoping to see what Google had planned to show us at tomorrow's Android event. The event was canceled due to Hurrican Sandy, that turned the place where it was supposed to take place into an evacuation zone.

In this event we were expecting to get to know the new Nexus 4 smartphone (made by LG), as well as a Nexus 7 refresh, with a 32GB version (that has already popped up on stores here in Portugal, for 249€ - the same price as the old 16GB version). That indicates that the 16GB version should have its priced dropped to 199€... and, we'll have to wait and see if Google decides to let go of the 8GB model... or offer it at an even lower price point (that would be bold).

But, we'll still have plenty to watch tomorrow, as Microsoft has its own event in place... and far away from Hurrican Sandy effects.

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