Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Enable Hibernation in Windows 8

Lots of users be puzzled by the lack of the hibernate option in the new Windows 8. The option that, unlike "sleep" (that is fast to suspend/resume but keeps seeping power) saves the entire computer state to disc, so it can actually be turned off completely and use no power at all... but allowing it to resume to the exact same state it was before.

The fact is that MS decided to hide this option because in Windows 8, the boot process already uses a kind of hibernation to speed things up. But, unlike the regular hibernate mode, the regular Windows 8 boot process keeps just a snapshot of the windows OS on the drive, and not of all the programs the user might have open when it shuts down.

But you can easily enable the hibernate option and have it like before. You need only to go into the Power Options and select "change settings that are currently unavailable":

In there you can enable the option to show the hibernate option in the power options menu.

[via Superuser]

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